Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

We will actively seek ways to minimise our impact on the environment in the way we do business.

Cuddledry have committed to continually improve our performance with respect to our main environmental impacts – waste, water, energy, manufacturing of product and it’s supply chain, logistics/transport – in the following ways.

  • We comply with all relevant environmental legislation
  • We insist our suppliers improve their own environmental performance and seek compliance certifications from our factories.
  • We compare our environmental activities with those of others in our sector to help us improve
  • We offer products which are sustainable and eco-friendly choices

We use Bamboo fibre, which grows without artificial irrigation, pesticides or fertiliser.

We only use factories who dispose of waste in a safe and responsible manner

  • Maximise recycling of the packaging waste we generate – We use cardboard box packaging for individual products, and shipping outer cartons.

We use biodegradable plastic bags for shipping orders though our website.

We are members of Grune Punkt recycling organisation, and print this logo on all our packaging to encourage consumers to recycle, and help minimise the amount of packaging and product waste disposed to landfill. 

Cotton and Bamboo are biodegradable.  We use minimum amount of polyester in our products, and only to ensure our terry is safe (snag free) and the product does not shrink. Where possible we endeavour to use recycled polyester.

We promote product longevity and reuseability - The original baby towel is designed to last for years  – not just first few months of a baby’s life.

Chemicals used in production of bamboo viscose are enclosed in a sealed system and disposed of responsibly.

We meet the requirements of the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals) Regulations, particularly with reference to Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) and chemicals that may be regulated in the future.  We comply with all chemical tests required by law, and we use third party testing laboratories such as SGS.

We demand suppliers to be open in their reporting to us, and we use factories with a “confidence in textiles” certificate to ensure they comply with this policy.

We review this environmental policy annually and update it as necessary