Tips for Visiting a Baby Show

tips for visiting a baby show

Visiting a baby show is a must have for new parents. Read how to make the most of your visit when your shop for your newborn essentials.


There's nothing worse than wandering around a baby show with no idea which brands are going to be there, or even what you want to buy! Unless, of course, you're ultra organised, have all you need already, and just want a mooch around!

So before you book your tickets, do you research! We love a good checklist here at Cuddledry, and its a really great way to organise your visit, as you plan out what you need for your baby and what you can put onto a git list. But it’s not just what you want to buy that needs researching…


You’ve chosen your nearest show- but how are you going to get there? Do they have good travel links to the exhibition centre, or do you need to drive? If you’re getting the train or other public transport, will you be able to carry your shopping ok?

You’ll also need to research the timings of the show too. If there are two entry times, is it better to travel in the afternoon to skip the morning rush hour traffic, or do you prefer to get there early and get home early too?

It’s also worth considering which day you want to attend the show too- Fridays tend to be more quiet and are great if you’re on maternity leave; Saturdays are generally the busiest day, so expect a lot more traffic and a busy exhibition centre; Sundays tend to be less busy than Saturdays, but can still be a popular day to attend.

Shopping partner

bring a shopping partner to the baby show

You need a shopping partner, especially if you’re pregnant and planning on buying a lot. Even if you’re not currently expecting or your little one is already here, having a shopping partner means you have someone to help carry the heavier items and let’s face it, shopping is always better with a good friend!


The show website will display who is available to shop with on the day, so check that that the brands you want to visit are exhibiting. Make a note of their stand number too, so that you can plan out your schedule a little.

Some baby show visitors bring a list of the exhibitors they don’t want to miss, some bring a checklist to make sure they don’t miss anyone, and some even bring a spreadsheet with everything they want to buy and from who!

It’s up to you how organised you are, but it does make sense to research which brands will there on the day, and how to find them.

Talks and demonstrations

The show website will also display details of any scheduled talks or demonstrations taking place. These can be product demos, baby first aid lectures or talks from authors and other parenting experts. Make a list of the events you want to attend, and add them in to your calendar so you don’t miss them.


tips for visiting a baby show

Every show will have the basic facilities such as toilets and baby chaining, but its a good idea to check where they are so you can find them easily. Also check if there’s a pick up service where you can store bigger items you’ve bought, to collect when you leave. Nobody wants to be carrying round a baby bath or a crib all day!

Essentials you want to buy

Remember that spreadsheet we mentioned earlier? Its actually a really good idea- but it doesn’t necessarily need to be quite so intense.

Make a list of the things you want to look at, and the things you definitely want to buy. Then cross them off as you get them. Lots of brands will have special show offers at the show that you won’t be able to get online or in shops, and there’s nothing worse than missing out because you forgot to get them!

Lots of brands also offer special discounts or the chance to win a prize with them if you sign up to their mailing list. This is a great way to get good deals on items you either can’t get at the show or haven’t decided on yet. Plus its a great way to pass on a saving to friends and family who want o buy you a gift too. 

Set a budget 

It’s so easy to overspend when you’re surrounded by all the latest gadgets and new baby must-haves. But if you have a budget, then try to stick to it. Cash isn’t always the most preferred payment option these days, but it does help if you bring a certain amount of money and agree to stick to spending that only.

tips for visiting a baby show

If you have your list ready, you’re more likely to stick to your budget- and don’t forget that anything you see that wasn’t on your list, you could get a discount on after the show  if you sign up to the mailing list.

Take breaks

Baby shows can be exhausting! During busy periods, the exhibition centres can get hot and crowded in places, and there’s a lot to take in too. And if you’re pregnant, the shows can be really hard work. So take regular breaks. Lots of shows will have rest areas and cafe/ eating areas where you can sit and recover until you’re ready to start shopping again.

Keep an eye on our socials for details of the latest shows we’re attending. We LOVE meeting lots of new and expectant parents at the shows- we offer live demos of the handsfree towel, plus we always have show exclusive offers on our best sellers too. Lastly, we hope you enjoy the experience! Shopping for your new baby is exciting, and there are lots of amazing baby brands out there. Have fun, and hopefully we’ll see you soon!