How do I use the Handsfree Towel? |

The Cuddledry baby towel has transformed bath time for new parents- from struggle to snuggle! We answer the question: how do I use the handsfree towel?

How to Use the Cuddledry Handsfree

Why do I need a handsfree towel?

When we exhibit at the various baby shows around the country, one of the main questions is, why do I actually need the handsfree towel? And we delight in showing each and every new and expectant parent exactly why they need it! 

We call it ‘the lightbulb moment’- when they watch our demo and see for themselves just how clever it really is. The Cuddledry handsfree towel is not just a towel…

Bath time safety 

The handsfree towel is an extra pair of hands, when you really need them. Bathing a new baby can be a daunting experience if you’re never done it before, and there’s no getting around it- you need two hands to safely hold baby and then to lift them from the water. 

The problem is that lots of babies HATE getting out of the warm water, only to be laid out on a towel on the floor, or to have to juggle them and the towel as you try to wrap them up. Wet babies are slippery babies, and we ourselves have struggled to execute this part of bathtime safely.

That’s why we invented the handsfree towel! No more juggling a wet baby and a towel. No more tears. No more stress. Just safe, simple and snug.

Peace of mind for new parents

We’ve already mentioned how daunting bathing a new baby can be, but let’s go over it again briefly. Nobody really shows you how to do it- and yet it’s something that all new parents will have to do, sooner or later. 

The Cuddledry handsfree baby bath towel is there to give you peace of mind; it’s a security blanket for new parents, allowing them to actually enjoy bathtimes with their new baby.

Stop baby crying at bath time

How to Use the Cuddledry Handsfree

Bath time can be stressful. Cold air and new babies is never a good combination- and since these tiny little people are unable to regulate their own body temperatures, getting them wrapped up quickly is vital. 

Being cold is the number one reason why babies cry at bathtime. Wrapping them up in the handsfree towel eliminates that stressor. Being scared of the new sensation of water is another reason why babies cry at bathtime- but being ready to wrap with the handsfree towel again eliminates that stressor.

Bath time can and should be a chance for new parents to bond with their baby, and with the handsfree towel this can be a reality every single night.

Award winning

Allow us to blow our own trumpets for a moment. The original Cuddledry handsfree towel has won over 100 international awards. That’s a lot of new and expectant parents voting for happy, safe, Cuddledry bathtimes!

Eco friendly 

We’ve always used bamboo in our handsfree towel, even way back before lots of brands realised how sustainable and baby-friendly the material is. It keeps our towels silky soft, super absorbent and naturally anti-bacterial too.

We don’t use plastic in our packaging and we offer a box-free option if you prefer to receive your towel in a biodegradable bag. All of our orders are sent out in biodegradable packaging too. We also donate a percentage of profits from every purchase here at Cuddledry to the 2 Minute Foundation, helping to keep our oceans safe.

How do I wear the handsfree towel?

How do I use the Handsfree Towel?

So now you know why you need one, let’s talk about how to get started with the handsfree towel. The first thing you need to know, is that you wear it, almost like an apron. This will keep you dry while you bath baby, and it will also trap your body heat inside the double layers of fabric too. Most importantly though, it means you have two hands free for baby bathtime!

Simply fasten the poppers, then put the loop around your neck, making sure that the hood is facing out on the bottom left corner. You’re ready to go!

How do I bath my baby? 

Bathing your baby really can be a special time, but if you’re not sure what to do it can be stressful too! Read this post for a more detailed easy step-by-step guide on how to bath a new baby.

How to hold baby in the bath

This is where two hands really comes in… handy! 

  • Place one arm around your baby’s shoulders and neck, holding the outside arms with your hand. 
  • Then place your other hand under your baby’s bottom and gently lower them into the bath. 
  • Once your baby is securely resting on the bottom of the bath, remove that hand- but keep supporting the head and neck with your other hand.

How to wash baby in the bath 

When your baby is safely in the water, use your free hand to gently scoop water onto their body in slow and steady movements. There’s no need for soap during the first 4-6 weeks; lots of parents choose to do a top & tail wash before they bath baby too.

How do I lift baby from the bath safely?

Lifting baby from the water is so easy with the Cuddledry handsfree towel! Your towel is ready to go, and you have two hands to lift your baby- so just lift them slowly, and bring them straight to you, into the towel.

How do I use the Handsfree Towel?

The double layers of bamboo and cotton will be nice and snuggly for your baby now, and there’s lots of fabric to wrap them up warm and dry.

Using the hood

Bring the hood up from the bottom left corner and pop it over baby’s head to prevent them from losing essential body heat.

Now your baby is wrapped up, you can simply cuddle them dry.

Removing the towel to dress baby

When you’re ready, the towel can be unfastened easily via our once-handed popper release. Then you can carry baby to a safe place for dressing. 



How do I wash and care for the handsfree towel?

The Cuddledry handsfree towel can be washed on a normal cycle, 30-40 degrees (we prefer 30, as it’s better for the planet) and as long as you don’t use fabric conditioner, it will stay silky soft no matter how many times you wash it. 

You can air dry easily (saving energy- as although it can be tumble dried, it really doesn’t need to be) and it’s ready to go again for the next bathtime.