How to Go Green in the Bathroom- eco-friendly tips for families

How to go green in the bathroom: eco friendly tips for families_Cuddledry.comHere at Cuddledry HQ we've always strived to do what we can to protect our planet. We've used bamboo in our products since 2007 because of its high sustainability and durability; our products are made with longevity in mind so that you don't need to replace them after just a few uses. In fact, we encourage parents to pass their Cuddledry towels on to other families or charities in need once they're finished with them, so that we can build a chain of reducing and reusing.
Just as importantly, we encourage recycling too. Its important to us that our warehouse recycles all paper and cardboard and that all of our packaging can be recycled too. Not only that, but if your towel really does reach the end of its life (and in 16 years this has never happened yet!) then it too can be recycled, thanks to the cotton and bamboo how to go green in the bathroom: Eco-friendly tips for families_Cuddledry.comblend. 

These are just a few of the ways that as a brand we try to keep our carbon footprint low- and in this post we're sharing a few more, thanks to our friends at The Cheeky Panda. Here's a really quick guide on how to go green in the bathroom- eco-friendly tips for families. Let us know your thoughts in the

Cuddledry: What are your top three tips for creating a more eco-friendly bathroom?

The Cheeky Panda:

  • Swapping to plastic free alternatives, such as a safety razor, solid soap and shampoo bars or a plastic-free toothbrush (or those with biodegradable heads for electronic devices)
  • Toilet paper made from tree alternatives like bamboo (from The Cheeky Panda!)
  • Deo stick or cream in a plastic-free container. We love anything plastic-free!

Cuddledry: What advice can you give to parents wanting to make bathtime 'greener'?

The Cheeky Panda:

  • Don’t be wasteful with water! Use enough to get clean (of course) but try to be mindful of the amount you use
  • Use plastic-free toys made from biodegradable or at least recyclable materials
  • Use towels made from alternative materials such as ultra-soft and sustainable bamboo (like from Cuddledry!)

Cuddledry: What products do you recommend swapping out for a more eco-friendly bathtime?

The Cheeky Panda:

  • Plastic shampoo bottles and shower gel! There’s just so much of it and usually, every family member has their own set. You can now take glass containers to a plastic free/bulk shop and fill it up right there.
  • Solid soap bars work great and use much less packaging!
  • Swapping plastic razors for a safety razor is cheaper in the long run as the blades cost far less than those for plastic razors, plus, they can be made from materials like bamboo and stainless steel!